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Phantom City Studio

We are a professional studio, our facility is sitting on over one acre of land, plenty of parking space, peaceful neighborhood, and a great place to create wonderful music. We specialize in many genres of music, our engineers are Pro tools certified, highly qualified, and extremely experienced. Our studio is a stress free friendly environment so leave your troubles at home or at work. Our rates are straight forward..there are no hidden costs for engineers, better microphones.
Address: Orlando, FL, 32836    
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Website: Phantom City Studio
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Phantom City Studio recording studio in Orlando, Florida. We record vocals, instruments, demos, albums, jingles, commercials, poetry, karaoke, voice overs and much more.  The studio is located in a relaxed environment where the artist is free to be inspired. Kids are welcome to record when accompanied by an adult.  
 We use the best microphones in the industry.  
 Better microphones mean better quality.
 All the rules have changed in the past few years for putting together a recording  studio and they keep changing. It used to be that you needed expensive multi-track recorders and mixdown machines, a  roomful of outboard gear and processors, and more cables than you would want to count.  Of course, you still can make a large studio with tons of outboard gear, or you can let computers and modern digital multi track machines replace hundreds of functions that used to require separate hardware units.  We are not talking about a cheap, hissy, unprofessional sound, like we used to get with old 4 track cassette studios.  Those days are gone.  With the dawn of modern recording software (called sequencers), with their full-featured digital mixers built right into software, you can expect your sound to rival the big boys.  Yes. It`s true.  
 Since the day we opened our doors, there have been scores of gold and platinum albums cut here. We have an outstanding technical staff on site to ensure that sessions run smoothly. At Phantom City Studio our goal is to make sure you have the best recording experience ever.  
 Our private and secluded facility will inspire any artist.  The studio is near a lake in a safe neighborhood.  When you are in Phantom City Studio you`ll feel as if you`re on  vacation.  
 We`ve created custom songs for clients, couples and businesses, helped others complete their own songs and skillfully taken direction from songwriters on how they wanted their tracks to sound with many very happy previous and current clients.  
 At Phantom City Studio we create, record and mix diverse musical styles and
provide a relaxing, yet competitive atmosphere to give your music the special
treatment it deserves.

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Address and Phone Number
9151 Kilgore Rd. Orlando, FL, 32836

Website: Phantom City Studio  Music is our passion..come see for yourself.

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