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Historical Museum of Southern Florida

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s mission is to tell the stories of South Florida and the Caribbean. The museum promotes understanding of the past in order to inform the present and create a better quality of life. The exhibitions will be designed with the latest in museum technologies, including recreated environments, graphics, multi-media and interactive elements.
Address: Miami, FL, 33130    
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Website: Historical Museum
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Historical Museum of Southern Florida
Exhibitions. Explore different aspects of this unique tropical region through exhibitions on Southern Florida and the Caribbean. A publication accompanies many of the museum's exhibitions. All of exhibition’s catalogs are published by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Most of these catalogs are still in-print, and may be purchaseed in the Museum Store.
Research & Collections:
- Scope of Collections. The Historical Museum’s collections relate to the history, cultures, folklife and archaeology of South Florida and the Caribbean area, including: Southeast Florida (Greater Miami, the Everglades and the Florida Keys); Caribbean areas that have influenced Florida history (Bahamas, Cuba, etc.); Caribbean peoples living in Florida (Cubans, Haitians, Bahamians, etc.); Native Americans (prehistoric, Seminoles, Miccosukees); Aviation, maritime history, tourism and other trends that have shaped South Florida.
- Research Center. The Research Center houses the museum's archives and library, and is open to the public. It contains two named collections of research materials, the Tebeau Library and the Wilkins Archives. Its visual materials - photographs, maps and pictures - are remarkable.
- Object Collections. The object collections include Seminole and Miccosukee Indian objects; Pan American Airways artifacts; musical instruments and religious items from local communities; outboard motors and outboard boats; and archaeological materials from 10,000 years ago to the early 20th century. The collection is open to scholars by appointment only.
- Publications. The Historical Museum has been publishing works on South Florida and the Caribbean since 1941. Its periodicals -Tequesta, South Florida History and Update - are essential sources for the study of the region's history. The books include reprints of local classics as well as a few original works.
- South Florida & Caribbean History. This section contains illustrated excerpts from museum exhibitions and publications, as well as original works. Topics range from an introduction to Miami-Dade County's history to descriptions of southeast Florida's diverse cultures.
Programs. From special events to family and adult programs there is something for everyone at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, so join in the fun. Engage in year-round cultural programs, events and activities that celebrate our ever-changing community.
Educational Programs. All of our education programs are designed to provide age- and grade-level appropriate experiences, while focusing on different learning modalities. Critical thinking is elicited as students compare and contrast the past and present and are encouraged to visualize and discuss what the future may be like, based on patterns of the past. All programs are correlated to state educational standards, focusing on the content strands assessed through the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The programs also address curriculum areas beyond social studies, including language arts, mathematics and science where applicable.
Museum Store offers books and publications about South Florida.

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101 West Flagler Street Miami, FL, 33130

Website: Historical Museum  The Historical Museum of Southern Florida`s mission is to tell the stories of South Florida and the Caribbean.

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