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Was founded by Adriana Minino in 1992 in Columbus Ohio when recognizing a need for quality Spanish translators in the area. She began doing work in translating technical manuals and business documentation for Mettler-Toledo in their quest for optimizing communications with their Latin American marke
Address: Miami, FL, 33161    
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Website: MINCOR, Inc.
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After approximately one year of this type of work, her offering expanded to serving other companies in the area with the help of an associate. At the time, Jaime Minino participated on a part-time basis in the verification of technical accuracy. 
Later, in 1997, Mincor moved to the South Florida Area and began serving customers for different types of translation work, such as books, magazine articles, voice services, and other techical communications. It was in 2001 when Jaime Minino joined the company full time, and Mincor propelled itself globally by offering its services around the world.
In 2003, Mincor expanded its presence and competitiveness by moving its production to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, thus being able to provide better prices with the same quality translation offering, and the same global capabilities as before.
Our company offers a unique translation service to help you target Latin American and European markets and audiences for your products or services:
In order to assure your satisfaction, we offer:
A translation of part of your first document FREE of charge for your critique and approval of the target language.
A proofreading time window when you can look at your final document and make changes – at no charge - as long as they are not related to style.
A translated glossary of your terms, approved by you, so the right words of the trade are used in the translation, at no extra charge!
Our priority will be to give you “The Right Translation at the Right Price”.
Through the years, we have developed a network of translators who have met certain criteria, located across the world with whom we communicate constantly. These people are experts in their language and in their field of knowledge, and their work is also edited by another bilingual expert with the same qualifications. Due to the speed of the Internet, we are able to deliver high quality work at record time!
 Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, and Engineering assistance at no extra cost for delivering your message correctly to your target audience in the foreign language!
A standardized Latin American version of Spanish to be understood by all Latin American cultures.
Constant communication via e-mail or telephone regarding terms and protocols for doing business in other countries.
Language experts in their own native country working on your project that will assure local quality to your work.
Very comfortable prices, among the lowest in the translation industry.
have our resources to begin working on any of your projects immediately!

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Address and Phone Number
285 NE 118th St. Miami, FL, 33161

Website: MINCOR, Inc.  Translate your documents with a team of experts native of your target language.


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