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A Childs Academy

A Child’s Academy sits on more than 11 acres, with fenced-in playgrounds for each age group, providing safety, security, and room to have fun. A Child’s Academy understands what it means to give a child the physical, emotional, and educational nourishment you need and want for them.
Address: Gainesville, FL, 32605    
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Website: A Childs Academy
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The school is designed to stimulate creativity and not just provide a place for young children to spend their days. Time is too precious not to give your kids the right start in the right place. But inside these wonderful spaces is a close community of caring, knowledgeable people who are committed to giving your child the next-best thing to being at home with you! With more than 11 acres and two spacious school buildings we provide ample room for learning and play.
We have the space to separate children by age, ensuring age-appropriate activities and toys. We also feature a 250-seat auditorium for special events, performances, and other gatherings. A Child’s Academy’s preschoolers aren’t just learning their alphabet—they’re already reading. Infants and toddlers get more than a babysitter; every day is filled with skill-building play, indoors and out. For more than 30 years, we have been helping parents by helping their children.
We recognize that every child is unique, not just in personality and interests, but also in learning. Our small class size and low student-to-teacher ratio allow us to tailor our progressive learning approach to the needs of each child. With a more personal approach, A Child’s Academy ensures a high level of attentiveness to your child’s progress. The programs offered at A Child’s Academy offer a wide variety of subjects for your child, designed to stimulate the mind and body. Our curriculum is focused on maximizing your child’s academic potential.
While other preschools introduce the alphabet, our young graduates are reading! Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers have different needs and interests. We foster those specific requirements by grouping them separately and developing the types of activities (indoors and outdoors) that are stimulating, fun, and safe.

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3401 NW 34th Street Gainesville, FL, 32605

Website: A Childs Academy  

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