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Creative Kids Private Day-School

 I am Stephanie Couture, and i am opening a child care facility with the intentions of providing quality educational services to the children and convenient and affordable services to the parents in a learning and loving environment. I would like my school to be staffed with trained, enthusiastic individuals, who will be selected for their educational background, teaching experience, and dedication to young children.
Address: Lakeland, FL, 33802    
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Website: Creative Kids School
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 The Creative Kids Philosophy  
 To provide a quality child care program in an environment that is supportive and nurturing to a child·s individuality. Our goal is to expose children to a variety of experiences that will develop him or her, socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally and educationally by offering a challenging and individualized curriculum that encourages the child·s creativity and love of learning. Our developmental program includes language and literacy, math and science, music and art. We will provide a wide variety of experiences, which include field trips, computers, foreign language and special programs such as dance, karate, theater, music. We will have an open door policy in order to include our families and the community in the educational process. We will teach the children about helping others and giving back to the community by involving them in volunteer work and community projects. Promote character building, problem solving skills, manners and social etiquette and fostering the child·s feeling of self-esteem and self-worth.  
 I took on this project because as a parent, and even more as a single parent I find it difficult to find facilities that offer things that I feel are important to my child·s needs and care as well as making it convenient for the parents. I also think that children today are not given enough opportunities to succeed as future adults. My son has had developmental delays and it was frustrating as a parent to not have a place to go that understood his specific needs. There wasn·t a place that existed. Creative Kids Private Day-School will fix these problems. I am creating one that will not only place children where they will perform at their best and at their own level but if there are signs of delay or concern we will have the staff that is trained in recognizing it and catching problems early.
 We are going to have 4 types of programs. One to take care of children that are growing at the average pace, one to take care of children that just aren·t ready yet, one for children that have delays and need that extra help, and then one to take care of our special need children, whether that be physical or mental handicap. By offering a more reasonable available schedule, the parents will be able to choose schedule options based on their needs. The center will offer early morning and late evening operation hours as well as weekend hours. The center will be open 365 days a year except for required closings such as hurricane days. We will provide the opportunity to do the extra curricular activities at the facility such as karate, music, dance, and tutoring. This will also be a place to find resources and link the community together. Parents will be allowed to get together for discussion groups and play groups.

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Address and Phone Number
P.O. Box 947 Lakeland, FL, 33802

Website: Creative Kids School  Expanding new horizons to young minds


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