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ADES Language School

 Language Classes - our English Classes are designed to help native Spanish speaking adults learn and achieve English speaking and reading proficiency. Small class sizes, tailored curriculums, and individualized attention are ADES Center`s key to providing a high quality, learning environment. ADES Language School is a private Bilingual Education Center in Tampa that teaches American English to immigrants.
Address: Tampa, FL, 33615    
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Website: ADES Language School
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 We pay particular attention that our students pronounce all words correctly from the beginning. Our philosophy is that we want our students to not only learn English, but to have others understand them when they use English in normal conversation. Our classroom sizes are small with a maximum of 8 students per class.  Classes are taught in English, Spanish or bilingual sessions depending on the level of the student.  All students are pre-evaluated to assure that students of equal level are in the same class level.  
 English Classes Features  
 Our methodology features classes in:  
 Class Schedules  
 ADES Language School provides English Classes in morning, mid-morning and evening time frames.  Our flexible class schedules permit students to attend school at a time that meets their life-style.  
 Citizenship Test Preparation Class  
 This class is for immigrants scheduled to take the US Citizenship test.  It focuses on the test by teaching:  
 Basic US History with an emphasis on previous generations of immigrants.  
 The importance of the US Constitution in our government system.  
 The structure of the US government and the 3 equal branches of our Federal system.  
 Students will be exposed to the 100 questions most often asked during the citizenship test.  At the end, students will take a "practice" test, to make them ready for the actual exam.  
 The class is taught by an American with over 30 years experience working with the U.S. government.  The instructor is a graduate of University of Maryland in Government & Politics, and has advanced graduate studies in International Relations from Georgetown University in Washington DC.  
 This Citizenship Test Preparation class is taught entirely in English.  Students must be able to speak, converse and understand English at a TOEFL Level III equivalent.  Classes are scheduled on an as required basis, and consist of four sessions of 2 hours each.  Contact ADES Center at least 8 weeks prior to your Citizenship Test.

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Address and Phone Number
5811 Memorial Highway, Suite 207 Tampa, FL, 33615

Website: ADES Language School  DES Language School teaches American English to Latino immigrants living in the Tampa Bay area.


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