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Apex Language Center

 The world is getting smaller every day, opportunities depend on the ability to communicate. You don`t have to allow lack of language skills to hold you back, Apex is here for you now - Apex Language is dedicated to teaching languages much faster and easier than you ever thought possible. We pride ourselves in the quality education we provide for our students in a caring atmosphere.
Address: Tampa, FL, 33609    
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Website: Apex Language Center
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 We offer six levels of English. We teach students that have absolutely no knowledge of the English language and those preparing for the TOEFL exam and everyone in between.
We also offer Spanish, French, German, Latin, Polish, Hebrew and Chinese. These classes are taught in a group environment or with a private tutor. If we don`t have an instructor in your target language, we will try to assist you in finding one. We also provide certified translation services for the languages listed above. Our instructors are certified, most of them native speakers - but all qualified to teach and help you realize your personal language goals. Apex Language Center, is here for you! We are waiting to take the fist step with you in learning and new language and introducing you to a new world. In the past, being bilingual was regarded as an interesting hobby. People studied a second language to travel, study abroad or just for fun and personal enrichment. But with economic globalization and our multicultural society in the United States, learning a second language has become a necessity. Learning a second language will not only give you more self-confidence but also enhance your cultural, educational and work experiences. For example, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States as well as in Florida. Latinos make up at least 20 percent of the population in the Tampa Bay area and represent an emerging economic market. Don`t you want to be a part of it? APEX Language Center`s policy is quality over quantity. We are proud to offer the best option to study Spanish in the Tampa Bay area. Class sizes are small, and all of our teachers have at least bachelor`s, and are native Spanish speakers. You`ll be pleasantly surprised because learning a second language has never been so easy and fun as it is at APEX. We want to give you the tools to speak and understand modern and useful Spanish or other languages like Chinese as soon as possible, not just to add another line to your resume. In addition, you will learn to speak, read and write while you learn pertinent interesting facts about other cultures. On some occasions classes take an optional field trip to a local destination, where students will be immersed in exciting foreign cultures.

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Address and Phone Number
3200 Henderson Blvd, Suite 100 Tampa, FL, 33609

Website: Apex Language Center  English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Italian, French Language Schools in Tampa, Florida.

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