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The Reading Connection

 Our Mission is to provide reasonably priced, quality reading diagnoses and individual multisensory, structured language instruction to those who have not been successful in learning to read by means of basal or whole language methods. They, and their parents, receive daily feedback about their progress. We cooperate with: educators, physicians, psychologists, speech/language pathologists, audiologists, and any others who may be involved, to provide the most comprehensive educational plan possible for each learner.
Address: Miami, FL, 33155    
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Website: The Reading Connection
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 The Reading Connection offers:  
 Comprehensive testing and diagnosis  
 One-to-one instruction  
 Daily feedback to students and parents  
 Cooperation with other professionals  
 A comprehensive educational plan for each learner  
 Reading Diagnosis:  A comprehensive assessment in which tests are selected on the basis of their measurement properties, potential to address referral to other professionals, and to the planning of the most appropriate remediation for each learner.  
 Fast ForWord:  The Fast ForWord family of programs is computer-based training that uses the latest brain research for rapid gains in language and reading. The Reading Connection is a certified provider of Fast ForWord. See our Links page for a link to the Fast ForWord website.  
 Reading Remediation:  Remediation for Dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD, Language Impairments.  
 Diagnostic Teaching:  Prescriptive or individualized instruction begins with the initial diagnosis but the teaching plan is structured according to on-going, continuous assessment of the learner`s changing needs.  
 Multisensory Teaching of Reading: Uses all learning pathways in the brain (visual/auditory, kinesthetic/tactile) simultaneously to enhance memory and learning.  
 Direct, Explicit Instruction: This type of one-to-one instruction makes everything explicit; even those concepts that may be inferred are brought into conscious awareness through continuous student-teacher interaction.  
 Systematic Letter to Sound Mapping Instruction:  Sound/letter correspondences are required for the meaningful fusing in memory of known words. Visual to auditory and auditory to visual includes blending and segmenting.  
 Synthetic and Analytic Instruction: Through synthetic instruction, the learner learns how part of language and words work together to form a whole. Analytic instruction shows how to form a whole. Analytic instruction shows how the whole can be broken down into its parts.

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Address and Phone Number
7805 Coral Way, Suite 108 Miami, FL, 33155

Website: The Reading Connection  Specific reading disability (dyslexia) diagnosis and remediation


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