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Petite Ambassadors Language School

 The teachers and staff of Petite Ambassadors is a group of committed professionals who are dedicated not only to improving the intellectual and linguistic capabilities of children, but they also persevere to expand our student`s horizons far beyond their own backyard. At Petite Ambassadors, we believe that Mothers are the best teachers when it comes to their children.
Address: Jacksonville, FL, 32224    
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Website: Petite Ambassadors Language
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 All of our teachers are native speakers of the language in which they teach. This unique perspective brings in an exciting pride about the language and culture in which they represent. Most of our teachers are either certified educators in their home country, have worked extensively in the area of education, are pursuing advanced degrees here in the US, or are in the process of achieving their teaching degree.  This diversity of life and educational experiences provides our students with the unmatched real-world experience. Our students learn to appreciate the large and small differences of living and working within a diverse community. This is a lesson that can never be learned at too young an age in our ever-integrated international community.  
 Julie Warrenfeltz, Owner/Founder  
 P.A.L.S. is the brainchild of Julie Warrenfeltz, owner and founder of the program. Julie wanted her children to have the gift of foreign language, music and love of movement. She began singing to her daughter in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese at six weeks. By age 2, Julie’s daughter had the vocabulary of a 4-year-old and could understand and react appropriately to those five foreign languages.  
 Because of this belief and the amount of material that we want to be able to cover in one hour of class time, you will be given a package of vocabulary cards at the end of each class. Over the next several days, you will present this vocabulary to your baby using the techniques that we will show you on the first day.  
 Class Flow  
 Classes will begin promptly at the times posted on the schedule, so please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before class is set to start. Once class begins, we will spend 10 minutes reviewing the topic that was covered during the previous class. The following 45 minutes will be spent in conversation regarding our topic of the week (see class schedule). During the last 5 minutes, the instructors will introduce the next module`s vocabulary to our Moms and to answer any questions that may have come up prior to or during class.

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Address and Phone Number
11555 Central Pkwy, Suite 501 Jacksonville, FL, 32224

Website: Petite Ambassadors Language  Helping your child discover his own special talents and predispositions is a journey that begins in infancy and continues throughout his lifetime.


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