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Berlitz Language Center

 Orlando, Florida is an important tourism and international business destination and as such, the Berlitz Language Center brings to the city a world-class language education institution where our goal is to deliver the highest level of language learning and conversational effectiveness. You begin not only to speak, but to think in your new language quickly under the guidance of our native-fluent instructors.
Address: Orlando, FL, 32819    
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Website: Berlitz Language Center
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 The Berlitz Language Center in Orlando is the only Berlitz Center in the Greater Orlando area as well as Central Florida, among the more than 500 Berlitz Language Centers worldwide.  
 As an independently-owned and operated language center, we offer all Berlitz programs plus added programs such as TOEFL preparation  and customized corporate programs in areas such as Real Estate, Medical/Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement and Professional fields.  
 The Berlitz Method was developed in 1878 by the founder of our company, Maximilian Berlitz.  
 The effective teaching style presents you with a new language the same way you experienced your first?naturally, through conversation. It`s an effective, interactive, and FUN way to learn a new language.  
 At Berlitz, you won`t have to memorize vocabulary or conjugate verbs like you did in high school. From the moment the lesson begins, you will only hear your target language.  This direct method allows you to pick up vocabulary and grammar in their proper context with the least amount of effort.  
 It`s fast, effective and fun. Our dynamic instructors are all college educated (or foreign equivalent) and are fully trained in the Berlitz Method.  We randomly monitor our instructors and track their performance to insure the best possible experience for you.  
 The first and last word in language services for more than a century, the name Berlitz has become synonymous with excellence in learning. Berlitz offers courses for every interest, need, and learning style, whether it`s an urgent immersion for fast results or a casual group to prepare for an upcoming vacation.  
 Berlitz Total Immersion programs are scientifically proven to build language fluency in a short amount of time through intensive individual instruction, seven and a half hours a day for two to six weeks. The focused study builds skills quickly for students to think and speak in a new language.

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7901 Kingspointe Pkwy Suite 19 Orlando, FL, 32819

Website: Berlitz Language Center  offers professional language instruction in over 50 languages, as well as cross-cultural training, interpretation and translation services.


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