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Ber-Kira Learning Center

 Ber-Kira teaches students how to learn efficiently - since 1971 ALSI, Inc, The Berke Learning System, Inc. The Berke learning Centers and Ber-Kira Learning Center, Inc, have perfected the use of these proven strategies, we use hundreds of strategies that will teach your child how to process information properly. Diagnostic testing results will determine which program is appropriate for the student.
Address: Boca Raton, FL, 33486    
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Website: Ber-Kira Learning Center
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 Strategies Course: This course features 100`s of strategies that students can intergrate into their daily school work for optimal classroom and test results.This program is extremely useful in preparing for the FCAT exams. (Diagnostic testing results will determine if a student should be placed into our Strategy or Enrichment Program).  
 Math or Reading Enrichment:  Students will learn the majority of our  strategies with emphisis on math, vocabulary and reading comprehension. This program is extremely useful in preparing for the FCAT exams.  
 Vocabulary and Spelling Course: This program has been designed for students that are efficient in reading comprehension, yet weak in vocabulary and spelling. (Testing not required).  
 Study Skills Program: Taking notes and learning how to organize materials and thoughts as well as understanding how to study and prepare for tests. (Testing not required).  
 Decoding Program: This course will teach emerging readers not just how to read more efficiently, but how to understand what they are reading. (Testing not required).  
 Visualization Skills - The process of creating strong internal mental images with complete understanding. Will teach students how to retain information for the long term.  
 Word Decoding - To extract meaning from written or spoken symbols (letters). The ability to match the symbols to sounds.  
 Reading Comprehension - The level of understanding from a passage or text. Our unique Advanced Learning Methods teach students how to thoroughly understand what they are reading.  
 Spelling - Proper spelling is vital for full understanding of passages either through writing or reading.  
 Vocabulary - The ability to understand the definition of words. We teach students how to place words into their long term memory for easy retrieval at any time.  
 Study Skills - Wanting to gain personal knowledge of said subject. Learning how to achieve a higher understanding of any subject matter.  
 Verbal Skills - The ability to express thoughts into the spoken word.

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1387 W. Palmetto Park Road Boca Raton, FL, 33486

Website: Ber-Kira Learning Center  tutoring, Advanced Learning Methods


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