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Center for Listening & Learning

 Diane Daniels, MA, Ed S, Director of Center for Listening & Learning, is a certified teacher, school counselor and school psychologist with 24 years experience working at the elementary, high school and community college levels. She has been trained in the Tomatis Method, the LiFT, the Dynamic Listening System, The Listening Program, and the JoEE.
Address: Gainesville, FL, 32606    
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Website: Center for Listening
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 Diane says, "The center has been a real gift to me, as I am able to participate in promoting the intellectual, social, verbal, physical and emotional growth of children, teens and adults. The vast majority of my clients have made significant changes which have been demonstrated through clinical test scores. I still marvel at each client`s progress."  
 Listening and Communication  
 Listening lays the foundation for communication. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, French ear surgeon, determined that we first listen to language as we listen to our mother`s voice, while we are in the womb. Following birth, we depend upon our ability to listen with focus as others speak, so that we can develop our speech articulation, vocabulary and conversational abilities.  
 Middle Ear Muscles  
 During listening training, music is modified in a special way, so that two little muscles in the ear are exercised. The muscles are instructed by the brain to move the position of the hammer and stirrup over and over as they tune in to surprising frequency changes in the music. As the muscles strengthen, listening becomes more focused and background noise is tuned out. Children and adults become more attentive listeners and no longer complain about having trouble listening in a noisy environment.  
 Auditory Processing  
 Over time, frequencies are gradually removed and then added to the music during the listening training. This process is called filtering. The auditory system in the brain becomes trained to discriminate among the individual frequencies in the music, which allows the discrimination of speech sounds. Thus, auditory processing (the ability to understand what others are saying) improves.  
 Sensory Integration  
 Listening plays a role in brain development and organization. Sound energy encourages new pathways to grow in the brain. These pathways connect the various parts of the brain together such as the centers for vision, movement and balance, touch, taste, listening, speech and emotions.

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4703 NW 53rd Ave, Suite A-2 Gainesville, FL, 32606

Website: Center for Listening  method of modifying music which has helped remediate many auditory, learning, social and sensory problems.

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