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EDCA Computer & Network Professionals

We are your source for professional computer and network services in Greater Orlando and other Central Florida areas. We are locally owned and operated, and are committed to providing the highest quality repair, maintenance, support, design and consulting services.
Address: Orlando, FL, 32872    
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Website: EDCA Computer & Network
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The EDCA Advantage  
The right people makes all the difference. Time and time again we hear horror stories of what "geeks" and unscrupulous technicians do to our customer's computers and networks, showing no results and putting customers in danger of legal action because of the use of illegal products. Customers complain the most about how much time is wasted when their needs are not met, and the impact to their businesses or lives. EDCA (pronounced 'ed-'ka) Computer & Network Professionals, Inc is a group of professionals with many years of experience in project development and Information Technology (IT) systems. With Senior Consultants holding degrees in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering, EDCA can provide you with a wide range of expertise and services to satisfy all of your computing and networking needs. But knowledge, expertise and skills are only parts in providing professional service; it requires professionalism. We do what is right for you or your company, and you will always have our commitment to high quality service in every job.
Trust in EDCA to provide you with the complete solutions and professional service you need.
We are not computer geeks, we are professionals!©
We are more than just “geeks” or “nerds,” who can speak jargon and sound knowledgeable. Professional service requires training, experience, skills and professionalism. We have attained important certifications that prove to you our knowledge and commitment to quality service.
We have high standards of integrity!
We strongly believe in having high standards in conducting business. We will always represent our customers accurately, follow through on our commitments and communicate openly.  We also make sure all the products we supply are legitimate and documented accurately.
Best Customer Service in the Industry!
It's one thing to talk about great service, but quite another to provide it.  We have earned the trust of our customers, and have established a reputation for providing superior customer service. 
We offer complete, cost effective solutions!
From service, to hardware, to software. We have partnered with manufacturers and distributors to provide you with turnkey solutions at the best prices. But we don't stop there. We will work with any manufacturer and supplier in order to provide you with solutions that make sense technologically and financially.
We are there when you need us!
We provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Read more about our Emergency Response.
No hidden fees!
You will not find mystery or surprise charges from us.  We explain our fees before any service is started, and are glad to provide an estimate over the phone whenever possible.
Know who comes to your door!
Using third parties is becoming a common practice with national companies, where anyone can claim to be a technician without any background checks. EDCA is locally owned and operated, only our consultants answer the phone, and only them will walk through your door.
We, at EDCA, know that Information Technology (IT) is an essential part in increasing performance, productivity and profits for your business, but success requires more than just technology. EDCA can provide your small to large business with the right IT solutions and expert service needed to make your business succeed.  Our unmatched business focus allow us to provide your business with the right solutions and services that meet your budget and needs, and we have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality service in the industry.  Use The EDCA Advantage to make your business succeed, whether you need just one solution or to outsource your complete IT department.  Call us now and find out what professional service is.
EDCA is the right choice for all your business IT needs:  Industry Certified Professionals
Extensive networking, server, and workstation experience
Extensive experience in large corporate environments
Manufacturer partnerships allow us to provide the best solutions that fit your needs
24/7 Emergency Response

We can perform many different services, too many to list here, so call us now and let us know how we can be of service. Click on the following categories to learn more about our most common services:
Complete solutions - Our specialty.  You set the requirements and we deliver a turnkey solution.
Consulting - We provide unbiased professional advise.
Service contracts - We have different programs to suit your needs.
System administration - Remote or on-site administration of your systems.
Repairs & upgrades - Complete support of your existing equipment.
Security & Malware - We protect you from malware and hacker attacks.
Servers & workstations - From desktop and laptops to high-end servers.  We do it all.
Internet & Networking - Install new and support existing networks, including cable installation.
Backups & Data Recovery - Complete data recovery solutions including automatic backups.
Software sales - We are an authorized reseller and have volume licensing programs.

Contact here

Address and Phone Number
P.O. Box 720626 Orlando, FL, 32872

Website: EDCA Computer & Network  EDCA Computer and Network Professionals Inc


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