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Computer Medic on Call

Computer Medic On Call provides on-site service, repair or upgrade of your computer in your home or your business office. No need to dismantle your system and take it off-site. In addition, our Computer Medics will work with you to optimize your computer`s efficiency and usability by customizing and upgrading your system.
Address: Pompano Beach, FL, 33060    
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Website: Computer Medic on Call
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Our primary goal is to get your computer up and running as quickly as possible with the least amount of inconvenience or downtime. Our Medics are hardware experts skilled in the diagnosis and resolution of hardware problems. We`re happy to custom build for you a new computer system that will meet your requirements.
Computer Medic On Call firmly believes that one of the most important elements of a successful computer maintenance program is a qualified service-oriented staff. Our technical service staff was selected on the basis of their experience, entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, the quality of their communication skills, the level of technical service provided, and their willingness to expand their skills through ongoing training and professional development.
Hard drive crashes, computer viruses, and BIOS failures are only a few of the problems that can hamper your computer`s performance. The internet has brought many new challenges to computer users. Viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, spam and popups has become major source of computer problems that cost businesses money. Our technicians are professionals in isolating and correcting problems that your computer may encounter.
Custom Web Design is an added benefit we provide our customers with. We develop multi page sites using macromedia software tools. We design web sites to not only attract customers but also bring them back. Let us quote your website today!
Our services:
Onsite Computer Repairs for homes and businesses (US)
Remote Support and Software Assistance (Globally)
Custom built computer systems (your specifications)
Wireless networking and router installation
Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery
Onsite Virus removal / Firewall Protection
Custom Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Firewall and virus protection
Spyware shields, Pop-Up Blockers
System Restoration
Software and Hardware upgrades
General Maintenance
OnSite Computer Tutoring
System Restoration
DSL Configuration
Computer Repair Service Lab in Pompano Beach, FL (for computer drop off/mail in)

Contact here

Address and Phone Number
1216 E. Atlantic Blvd., Suite #2 Pompano Beach, FL, 33060

Website: Computer Medic on Call  Expert solution specialists in computer repair for the home or small business


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