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Spectacular Computer Repair

Since 1990 Spectacular Computer Repair (SCR) has serviced residential and business computers in the Sarasota and surrounding areas. SCR is a full service company and offers complete on-site and in-store repair services, home or office networking and we specialize in the sale of new high business quality custom Dell computer systems and accessories.
Address: Sarasota, FL, 34238    
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Website: Spectacular Computer Repair
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SCR is the leader in computer repair. We have set new industry standards! SCR chooses to be different than your typical hourly rate service company. As you may already know, when you are paying a service technician an hourly rate, the concern is that the technician will take an unnecessarily longer amount of time to complete their appointed task costing you more money. SCR has solved this issue. We started and introduced a brand new concept into the computer repair world в Pay By The Job в Not By The Hour!
We offer a free evaluation of your computer. This detailed report summarizes all issues or possible issues with your computer, what actions need to be performed, and the SCR itemized costs to repair these issues. It does not matter how many hours it may take to fix your computer. We remove all the guess work out of your computer repair bill. No more rolling the dice to find out how much you are going to be charged!
Our SCR certified technicians are quite simply "the best computer technicians out there". SCR technicians are great communicators, have a friendly and courteous attitude and truly care about our customers and quality of work. SCR`s premium Customer Service "always keeps them coming back for more."
When you walk into or call a Spectacular Computer Repair store, you won`t hear promises; you will find fact and honesty. We serve you with excellent customer service, a guarantee to thoroughly and properly fix your computer or network the first time and a sales guarantee of delivering the very top quality computer systems and accessories.
SCR has without question the very best computer repair location in Sarasota County. Simply drop your computer off, do your grocery shopping and grab something to eat while your computer is being serviced.
Virus & Spyware Removal
All Repairs & Upgrades
Home & Office Networking
Certified Technicians
Friendly Courteous Service
New High Quality Computer Systems
Top Quality Software, Parts & Accessories

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Address and Phone Number
8515 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL, 34238

Website: Spectacular Computer Repair  Complete on-site and in-store repair services


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