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Computing IDIAZ

We offer consulting services in systems administration, networking, multi-platform systems, database administration, security, and systems integration. With a unique combination of business expertise and technical know how, we can provide fast implementation of your IT business solutions that meet all your business needs.
Address: St. Petersburg, FL, 33703    
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Website: Computing IDIAZ
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One of the biggest pitfalls in any IT project is the possibility of miscommunication between the business users and the technology team. Computing IDIAZ has the knowledge and experience to understand your business needs, and to properly convey these needs to the group working on the technology part of the project.
Our experts perform on-site repairs, upgrades and new system installations. We offer name brand and fully tested products. So many options, CPUs, memory, hard drives, and wireless (fully secured) all to upgrade your existing network. We give you more bang for your technology buck. We have relationships with IBM, HP, Dell and Microsoft.  Whatever you need we can get it for you at the best price.
Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures and policies. Computing IDIAZ can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information system, from security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy.
Applications are only as good as the knowledge of the people using them. Today`s business and office automation applications have very high end capabilities requiring specialized training to maximize their effectiveness. Computing IDIAZ can offer an easy to follow guide to any of your applications.
Somemore options we offer are Web Page and Graphic Design. In today`s world image is a big part of a companies success. We try to help the our customers project the big image that they need for the small budget they might have.  We are not just about cost but quality. We can help you build your image with logo design and help you get your name out to future customers.  Our experts can create Flash movies and custom graphics for you to use with both print and online work. We believe that taking care of our customers is key to a successful company.

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6020 Denver St. NE St. Petersburg, FL, 33703

Website: Computing IDIAZ  We believe we are here to take the worry of IT off your mind and allow you to focus on the bigger issue


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