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Santayana Design Inc.

Santayana Design, Inc. is a professional architectural, design firm that specializes in architectural illustration, design, renderings, graphics, design consultancy, space planning, luxury custom residential and commercial design, interior design consultancy, conceptual sketches, site planning, and character elevations.
Address: Coral Springs, FL, 33065    
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Website: Santayana Design Inc.
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Glen Santayana is an architectural designer based in South Florida since 1984. Glen received his Bachelor`s Degree in Architecture in 1978. Since then he has had various experiences joining illustration, architecure and developer firms. Santayana Design, Inc. (SDI) was formally established in 1997.
Santayana Design, Inc. offers visual and design solutions for architects, designers, builders and property developers for their unique requirements. We specialize in realistic market-targeted renderings with distinct perspective and architectural styles. In our quest to balance quality and speed we combine automated design drawings with traditional watercolor, ink, marker and other media to achieve the desired "look." We have a flare for quick 3D sketches that immediately capture the concept of our client. Speed is the hallmark of our creations - whether it be in pencils, markers, inks, watercolors.
Our professional services include:
Full architectural design services from luxury custom homes to space planning
Full interior design support for interior designers. Tasteful interior wall architectural/details.
Sensitive reflected ceiling design and analysis.
Quality architectural illustrations of specialized commercial and residential properties.
Crafting a cohesive 3D scene populated by well-defined people and objects consistent with the specified demographic
Customized rendering styles that help visualize our client`s concept
Deliver attractive architectural graphic arts for real estate brochures and marketing packages, which includes site plan with landscaping, floor plans with furniture, 2D street scenes and 3D art (interior and exterior).
Our strength is in partnering with our clients to achieve their goals and objectives within their time frame.

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Address and Phone Number
7305 W. Sample Rd., Suite 108 Coral Springs, FL, 33065

Website: Santayana Design Inc.  Professional architectural, design firm - we specialize in architectural illustration, design, renderings


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