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PBM Win-Door Inc

Serving South Florida's counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe with high end, hurricane impact windows and doors, PBM Win-Door, Inc., is a proven provider of fine and reliable high impact windows or impact resistant windows, doors and products in glass and aluminum.
Address: Miami, FL, 33176    
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Website: PBM Win-Door Inc
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As an integral part of your decor, our doors and windows enhance the beauty of your home while protecting it from high winds and burglars at the same time. Beautiful windows are the jewels in the crown of any grand home, and the aesthetics of window making have been raised to a high art with RC's REAL CHOICE windows and doors. Stunning in clarity, RC's innovative design masters deliver the very latest in styles. Optional Colonial Muntins are built in, eliminating build-up of any kind, and providing a flat surface for extraordinarily easy cleaning. RC Home Showcase offers myriad colors to enhance any decor.
Strong enough to totally eliminate the need for hurricane shutters, REAL CHOICE windows and doors meet the stringent requirements of the Miami/Dade codes. Constructed with Dupont Centry Plus or Dupont Butacite PVB glass, all REAL CHOICE windows and doors are substantially laminated for large missile high impact protection and are burglar-resistant as well for added security. Imagine 24 hour/365 days a year protection from hurricanes and tropical storms without the inconvenience, expense and visual disruption of shutters.
How can something so beautiful be so smart? RC's REAL CHOICE windows and doors have built-in intelligence with an impressive energy-efficiency rating. Energy costs are lowered by the low air infiltration system that reduces heat transfer between the outside and the inside. The Dupont interlayer with tempered glass is also accompanied by an acoustically-insulated feature that reduces outside noise, maintaining your home as the sanctuary you've always envisioned. Series 24 Sliding Glass Door are in full compliance with Miami-Dade County codes, protocols 201, 202 and 203 for large and small missile impact.

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9315 SW 144 Street Miami, FL, 33176

Website: PBM Win-Door Inc  

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