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The Dance Palace

 The Dance Palace has been part of Sarasota since 1990, our main objective is to bring fun and entertainment to our community by teaching people social dancing, our studio has a very classy and friendly atmosphere - lots of single men and women as well as couples and teenagers join our studio every week to enjoy the benefits of dancing. Many people come to The Dance Palace for the exercise (body & mind), some for the enjoyment of feeling the music in their bodies, and others still for the opportunity to meet other nice people like themselves.
Address: Sarasota, FL, 34233    
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Website: The Dance Palace
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 Social Program  
 The Dance Program offers programs specially designed to make you a comfortable social dancer. Dance instruction includes Latin & Ballroom dances in American Style from Basic to Advanced. This program features a 3-way teaching method complete with private lessons, group classes and parties.  
 Dance Programs  
 Our available dance styles in alphabetical order:  
 Cha Cha - The Latin Fun Dance  
 Currently the most popular Latin dance in the U.S., the Cha Cha became the rage in the early 1950s. Originally a part of the Mambo, the Cha Cha is a dance where you can let your personality show - relax, have fun, and let your hair down!  
 Merengue-The All-Purpose Latin Dance     
 The most common latin dance, Merengue is both fun and easy for everyone to learn. Both the Dominican Republic and Haiti claim to have created this dance, so its true origin is clouded. Some say that it began as a tribute to a crippled war hero, who danced with an injured leg, while others credit African slaves. Regardless of how it all started, it remains popular today.  
 Salsa - The Hot & Steamy Dance  
 The Salsa is a unique combination of Mambo and Merengue. Its popularity all over the world is largely due to the "hot and steamy" moves that are characteristic of this dance. The music will invite you to let go of all your inhibitions and have fun!  
 Tango - The Dramatic Dance  
 The Tango is one of the most intriguing dances of them all - it is a dancer's dance! The Tango began in the West Indies and found its way to Argentina, where it was stylized by the Gauchos. With its staccato yet seductive movements, it became the romantic dance rage in 1921.  
 Waltz - The Mother of All Dances  
 The Waltz gives dancers the chance to move lightly and with ease around the floor. It is a progressive and turning dance, and the music is played in 3/4 timing. The Waltz began as the Hesitation Waltz in southern Germany in the 17th century, and is still popular all over the world today!  
 West Coast Swing - A Relaxed, yet Expressive Dance  
 West Coast Swing is a slot dance, with a much slower tempo than regular eastern Swing. It is very popular with both the Country/Western and DanceSport communities throughout the United States.

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Address and Phone Number
5725 Lawton Drive Sarasota, FL, 34233

Website: The Dance Palace  Whatever the reason that brings people to The Dance Palace, they all share one thing in common...Everybody has a Great time!


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