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Blue Max Tavern

 Blue Max the best restaurant tavern and karaoke place in Old Town Kissimmee, let the bartenders take care of you with any variety of drinks, beers, shots and an array of cocktails. Sing along with the karaoke performers or jump up on stage yourself and try it out, even maybe enter the Karaoke contests on Tuesday nights. Dance away the night with your partner or line dance with the group. Test your luck with the Lotto & scratch off lottery tickets-the only place in Old Town to get them.
Address: Kissimmee, FL, 34746    
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Website: Blue Max Tavern
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 When Old Town was a sandy field with only a construction trailer on the corner, Byron and Norma Sutton decided to open a popcorn store in the town that was building up to be a fun place with a `50·s rock`n`roll theme and a great variety places for gifts, souvenirs, food and entertainment.  The Kissimmee Popcorn Company was indeed the very first store to open in September, 1986.  Shortly there after, a previously leased but yet to be occupied corner place became available.  Byron became enthusiastic about the place because it was one of a few that had a 40 ft. ceiling.  Why?  Because you could hang an airplane from it!! Byron, a born aviator and trained pilot for both the military and the commercial airlines, didn·t have an airplane to hang from that ceiling but that wouldn`t stop him!  So, they leased the space and went shopping.  There just so happened to be a collector of vintage aircraft at the local Kissimmee Airport and there they found a 1916 Fokker bi-wing airplane.  After taking it out for a test flight, the decision was easy.  Then came the question:  what goes underneath it?  But then, every pilot wants to own a bar, right? So that was an easy answer.  
 Next came the name and the decor.  Norma became involved at that point, suggesting an English or European theme.  So off they went on a pub tour, visiting over 100 establishments in England and Germany.  Tough job, eh?  Anyway, when they lucked upon a collector of German World War 1 paraphernalia, their ideas came together.  Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron) was the most highly decorated German ace who flew a bi-wing most of his career, including the newest 1916 Fokker. In fact, he was the only one to be awarded the Pour le Merite (the Blue Max) after the requirement to have 16 or more victories.  
 So now the Blue Max sports a plethora of air combat related pictures and flying stuff. I mean, after all, not only is the owner a retired Air Force fighter and commercial airline pilot, but he even has a hot shot son in the Air Force now, flying the fastest and best fighter currently in operation, the F-15 Eagle.  On every wall and in every crook and cranny, there is something to get your attention if you like all that slip the surly bonds of earth stuff.  
 And now, let the good times roll because at the Blue Max it is an every night affair.  Open  365 days a year from 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 a.m.. Karaoke every single night, contests on a regular basis where the winner often has the opportunity to record in a professional studio.  Good food, pool tables and contests there too.  Lots of TV entertainment with dish and cable so all the professional sports are aired and supported by the happy hours to boot.

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5770 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy., # 312 Kissimmee, FL, 34746

Website: Blue Max Tavern  Come join us at Old Town for a fun filled day or evening, anytime!


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