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Dowd, Whittaker & Associates

Dowd, Whittaker & Associates is a full-service accounting firm. We provide individuals and businesses with a comprehensive suite of tax, accounting and advisory services. Financial knowledge aside, we have established ourselves as an accounting firm with a warm, friendly atmosphere and a straightforward approach to doing business.
Address: Venice, FL, 34285    
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Website: Dowd, Whittaker & Associates
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The firm was founded in 1985 by John Dowd and has grown over the years to become one of the region`s leading accounting firms. We provide a comprehensive suite of accounting services - all of which are customizable and scalable depending upon each client`s unique needs. We serve individuals at all stages of financial success and our corporate clients range significantly in size and industry focus.
It`s never just one thing that sets a company apart from its competition. Certainly, we possess the in-depth accounting expertise you`d expect from a successful accounting firm. But our approach is anything but common in the industry. We believe in conducting business in a warm, friendly and relaxed manner. As a client, you can count on our technical expertise in matters of taxation and accounting, but you can also expect to be greeted with a friendly smile when you walk in the door. We`re approachable and accessible.
Our commitment to providing outstanding service extends into every area of our business. We`re highly productive and focused, always meeting deadlines. When it comes to technology, we`re far ahead of the curve. We embrace emerging technologies and their potential to help us serve clients more efficiently. Our fee structure is competitively priced and designed to make financial sense for our clients.
Ultimately, it`s the people at Dowd, Whittaker & Associates that make the biggest difference. Over the years, we have hired some of the area`s most accomplished financial professionals. The result is an accounting team with diverse industry experience and specialized knowledge. But there is more to our staff than accounting acumen. Each of us believes in straight talk and respectful communication with clients. As a team, we embrace a philosophy that combines expert financial advice with warm, friendly service and a casual office atmosphere.

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1521 S Tamiami Trail, Suite 303 Venice, FL, 34285

Website: Dowd, Whittaker & Associates  An accounting team with diverse industry experience and specialized knowledge

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