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American Payroll Systems

 American Payroll Systems, Inc is an independent payroll service provider that is available exclusively to individual corporate retirement plan clients of American Pension Services, Inc, as a valued client of both organizations, your company can consolidate many of your daily payroll, human resource, and retirement plan functions while eliminating the need for annual employee data submission for 401(k) plan testing.
Address: Tampa, FL, 33634    
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Website: American Payroll Systems
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 We utilize the state-of-the-art PayChoice payroll software platform for our clients which offers:  
 Complete report customization by each client;  
 Unlimited deduction fields;  
 Automated multi-state tax reporting;  
 On-line access to your entire payroll account;  
 Automated retirement plan deferral submissions to your 401k provider;  
 Automated payment submission for your other benefit providers;  
 Unsurpassed customer service and support;  
 And much, much more!  
 American Payroll Systems, Inc. offers the availability of state-of-the-art electronic time and attendance tools for simplifying your payroll. Though our alliance with EasyChoice, our clients have the ability to use electronic time recording devices ranging from on-line web-based time punch to biometric or optic-scan devices to guard against 'buddy-punching'.  
 The ongoing cost of this service is minimal, especially when compared to the cost of manual calculations, errors, etc. Additionally, the system can track late clock-ins, extended lunches and breaks, early departures, and much more.  
 Tired of having your valued clients 'disappear' or, at the very least, be aggressively solicited by the national 'payroll factories' for their worker's comp, health insurance, retirement plans and other voluntary services when these companies are contracted to manage your client's payroll? And the additional 'benefit' to your clients with these packaged programs is only impersonal service, higher fees, and non-customized programs that are mass-marketed to your corporate clients? In case you didn't realize it, these national payroll firms are your competition - and your clients end up suffering due to their having to deal with payroll sales people and "1-800" lines for benefit plan assistance when they really need competent local benefits professionals to assist them with their unique individual needs.  
 American Payroll Systems is your and your client's perfect payroll outsourcing solution!  
 Our Payroll Services operation can make the year-end data collection and submission process for retirement programs obsolete in that as your payroll company, we already have the data that we need for 401(k) and retirement plan testing. This takes a huge time and financial burden off the shoulders of your clients and speeds up the testing process tremendously.  
 If you're not familiar with our firm, ask one of your colleagues in the marketplace - they'll have great things to say about us. We're locally owned and operated. The principals of the company have been working exclusively with independent advisors for over 20 years and are well-respected professionals in the industry.

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Address and Phone Number
5455 West Waters Avenue, Suite 211 Tampa, FL, 33634

Website: American Payroll Systems  Leaders in Payroll Management Technology!


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