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Palm Beach Injury Lawyer

Injuries that occur in a slip and fall accident in Florida can mean a lifetime of pain, suffering and high medical bills for an injured party. At the same time, an owner of the premises may be found to be liable for a victim’s injuries if it is found that they were careless or failed to prevent an accident. In these cases, you may be eligible to file a Florida premises liability claim. 
Address: West Palm Beach, FL, 33409    
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A slip and fall accident—also known as a trip and fall accident—may occur indoors or outdoors. While there are any number of factors that may lead to an outdoor slip and fall, poor lighting is one of the leading causes. This may be common in store parking lots, city streets or in outdoor stairwells of commercial office buildings. Poor lighting is not the only cause of slip and fall accidents in Florida. A well-lit parking lot or sidewalk can present a slip and fall danger to anyone if it is poorly maintained or shows signs of cracked, buckling or other tripping hazards.
While most business owners are not held liable for public sidewalks that are located outside their property, if a portion of a sidewalk is used exclusively for customers entering or leaving the business, the owner may be held liable. If the sidewalk is owned by a city or county, your slip and fall accident claim may be against the government entity responsible for its upkeep. In either case, a Palm Beach personal injury attorney can advise you on your rights for seeking compensation. 
The chances are good that you have never needed the services of a Florida premises liability attorney until now. While you are in the midst of this exhausting personal challenge, you’ll be forced to make some very important decisions, not the least of which is hiring a Florida injury attorney.
At times like these, don’t leave your decision up to something as risky as chance. Palm Beach injury attorney Theodore Babbitt will personally review your case at no cost and tell you if you have a valid claim. He will then use his resources, including his membership in numerous esteemed legal groups, to find the right Florida injury attorney to handle your case.

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1641 Worthington Street West Palm Beach, FL, 33409

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