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Kinney, Fernandez & Boire

The experienced team of lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants at Kinney, Fernandez & Boire have over 100 years of combined experience in helping clients seek the damages they deserve in all personal injury, wrongful death cases, workers` compensation cases, facing criminal charges and nursing home abuse cases.
Address: Tampa, FL, 33609    
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Website: Kinney, Fernandez & Boire
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Our law office also represents individuals facing criminal charges. We do so with the promise that our lawyers and staff will do everything possible to protect your constitutional rights and to provide you with personalized and individual attention. Facing a criminal charge can be very difficult and it is important that your questions and concerns are addressed.
Regarding our personal injury clients, we understand that these cases are very important because they deal with issues very personal to the client. A person`s health, physical fitness, ability to work and play are vital components in everyone`s life. Therefore, we make great efforts to maintain a high level of service.
For over 100 combined years, our Attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in damages as compensation for injuries.
Generally, if you or someone in your family has been injured and suffered damages or death as a result of the negligence of another, we can handle your case with the experience and professionalism that comes with more than 100 years of combined experience.  
Insurance companies hire experienced negotiators and lawyers whose job it is to reduce the amounts the insurance company has to pay in damages resulting from the injury or death. Whether dealing with a traffic accident, boating accident, slip and fall, a defective product injury, or any other type of incident where a person or company with insurance has caused an injury or death, the insurance company will attempt to resolve the claim fast and for the lowest amount of money. We will protect your rights and aggressively pursue the justice and monetary compensation you deserve.
We aggressively investigate each allegation and protect the rights of the accused in each case we accept. In many cases, we can appear on your behalf in court and you do not have to attend. When you`re charged with a crime, you have rights, and at Kinney, Fernandez, and Boire, We Protect Your Rights.

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3128 W. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL, 33609

Website: Kinney, Fernandez & Boire  Personal Injury, Wrongful Death Cases, Workers` Compensation Cases, Facing Criminal Charges And Nursing Home Abuse Cases

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