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Dr. David Brill

 Studies show that Acuvue 2 contact lenses when fitted properly by an eye care professional can help people see better than 20/20 vision. Acuvue contacts are made by Johnson & Johnson, a well known and trustworthy company, many people feel more comfertable while wearing Acuvue contact lenses then any other contact lenses. 1 Day Acuvue was the world`s first daily disposible contact lens.
Address: Clearwater, FL, 33765    
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Website: Dr. David Brill
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 Acuvue 2 is the most advanced contact lense by Johnson & Johnson. They are extremely comfortable to wear. It is also the most prescribed soft contact lense. Like Acuvue it is designed to be two week daily wear contacts when you take them off every night. If you wear them while sleeping also then they are one week extended wear lens. Take your vision to another level with Acuvue 2 contacts.  
 Acuvue 2 color contacts feature a special color enhancing layer so that your eye color looks very vivid yet very natural. Change your eye color with these contacts. These lenses are ultra thin and are made of mostly water.  
 Corrective Options Available for Astigmatism:  
 Corrective Lenses (glasses): Eyeglasses are, of course, the classic way to correct vision problems. They`ve been helping those problems since the 13th century.  
 Contact Lenses: Contact lenses are delicately crafted, very thin optical discs generally smaller than a dime, worn directly on the eye. They are comfortably held in place by a natural layer of tears present between the contact lens and the cornea. Contacts eliminate the barriers encountered with spectacles that interfere with the line of sight above, below and to the sides of the eye, offering outstanding peripheral vision. In addition, contacts can reduce or eliminate the image distortion sometimes caused by eyeglasses.  
 Cataract surgery  
 Cataract surgery is a highly successful procedure. Useful vision is restored in over 90% of the cases. However, it is important to understand that complications can occur. As with any surgery, a good result cannot be guaranteed.  
 There may be other reasons for visual loss in addition to the cataract, particularly problems involving the retina or optic nerve. If these problems are present, return of vision after cataract removal may not be perfect. If these conditions are severe, removal of the cataract may not result in any visual improvement. An examination by our ophthalmologist can help predict whether visual improvement is likely.

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Address and Phone Number
23106 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater, FL, 33765

Website: Dr. David Brill  Board Certified Optometric Physician

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