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 Tampa Bay`s largest full service salon and the most complete source of professional salon products, such as products contain natural, organic and biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients and are naturally pH-balanced, cruelty-free and VOC compliant. Our goal is to continually push the envelope by revealing the latest in hair and skin care ingredients and technologies to shape the future of professional hair and skin care.
Address: St. Petersburg, FL, 33709    
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Website: Aacardi
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 So what exactly does Aacardi (a-kar-de) mean? Aacardi is a name taken from Greek Mythology. The story is...  
 In the beginning, Zeus summoned the Council of Gods, to the Pantheon, on Mt. Olympus. He ordered the council to create beauty to enrich the planet and enhance life for all living things. The Gods decided that the eyes and hearts of man held the key to beauty on Earth. Therefore, a Council of Human Beings was selected by the Gods. This council was placed on the Island of Aacardi to conceive and create all that is beautiful to enhance life.  
 Offers intense, specialized benefits for your hair`s individual needs. Incorporating the key Redken solutions of strength, color protection, softness, and frizz control, it is a customized solution that produces immediate results after just one treatment.  
 Strength Recovery for Distressed Hair  
 Color Recovery for Color-Treated Hair  
 Softness Recovery for Dry/Brittle Hair  
 Smooth Recovery for Very Dry/Unruly Hair  
 Aacardi Aroma and Facial  
 Deep Pore Aromatherapy Treatment purifying process. Complete cleansing, exfoliating, luxurious massage and a customized mask. Leaving the skin rejuvenated for a younger glow with improved elasticity.  
 Aacardi Rejuva Facial  
 Retexturizing Treatment. Helps speed-up skin renewal cycle, reduces the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles to uncover a softer, smoother, firmer looking skin. Includes deep pore cleansing, luxurious massage with foot or hand treatment.  
 Clinical Facial - For Acne Prone Skin  
 Problem Skin Help for mild-to-severe acne, progressive cleansing, extraction, normalizing and balancing massage, purifying mask. Reduces severity of acne blemishes and clogged pores. Allows skin to heal.  
 Aacardi Fruitelia Facial  
 This unique treatment brings together the best of two very different sciences. Combining Yonka`s fruit acid exfoliating treatment with the Aacardi Aroma and Facial benefits, resulting in softer, smoother skin with renewed clarity.  
 Environmental Shield Treatment  
 Latest technology for soft smooth skin using the highest quality of vitamins to heal, repair, and protect. This treatment infuses pure Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidents into the skin for dramatic results. For maximum results, this weekly treatment should be obtained in a series.  
 Relieves stress and headaches, relaxes tense, tired muscles, and increases circulation. All Massages are performed by licensed therapists.

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4046 Park Street North St. Petersburg, FL, 33709

Website: Aacardi  Tampa Bay`s Largest Full Service Salon

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