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Synergy Salon

Synergy invites you to soak in the elements of the earth for an organic fusion of peace and well-being. With restorative salon and spa services, designed to relax and renew, daily chaos melts away. Our specialists are well-versed in the art of indulgence, employing natural components that soothe and improve.
Address: Valrico, FL, 33594    
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Website: Synergy Salon
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Hushed lighting, whispered music and subtle scents flood the massage specialist`s space, inducing a state of calm. After a steaming, soothing shower, let tenured hands guide circulation, channel energy and release toxic stress. From deep tissue pressure to essential oils, our team uses ancient healing arts to slow time and create a true retreat for your mind and body.
Spa Glow
A rich blend of Brazilian Marine Algae and botanical extracts exfoliate dull skin, allowing new, healthy skin to resurface.
Herbal Wrap
Drench your skin in calming lavender. Warm linens soaked in herbs and essential oils draw out toxins while wrapping you in relaxation.
Grape Herbal Wrap
With this hand-mixed blend of red grape seeds and pulp with potent antioxidants and anti-aging properties, your skin will look as young as you feel.
Our cosmeceutical-grade SkinCeuticals treatments plunge beneath the surface to repair and revitalize your skin. Formulated to work synergistically, the line achieves clinical results in a spa setting. Seasoned estheticians pamper and rebalance with treatments hand-tailored to your needs. Our team prepares you with a home regime so your fresh face continues to flourish.
Perhaps the most overused parts of the body and a direct reflection of you, your hands and feet deserve the attention of a day spa. From customized crystal exfoliation and luxuriant paraffin dip to essential oils and meaningful massage, discover the difference with Synergy nail specialists` personal touch.
Synergy uses Creative products and OPI Laquer.
Synergy`s New York-trained stylists are students of the classic and the contemporary. Each client is a fresh canvas and the creative process opens with a personal consultation. After a thorough understanding of a client`s needs, the artwork begins. From a hand-mixed, prepared-for-you conditioning treatment to extensions made from exotic, Indian hair, every service, cut and hue is a reflection of a client`s character and lifestyle.

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3212 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. Ste. 101 Valrico, FL, 33594

Website: Synergy Salon  Salon and spa services, designed to relax and renew

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