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Color You, L.L.C.

 Color You brings you the glamorous tan that Hollywood starts enjoyed for years, it`s a rite of self healing. Spice up your life with a healthy, new look, it`s fun and sexy, our health and well-being depend on natural sunlight and the wonderful benefits it provides, such as Vitamin-D, which is necessary to maintain strong bones. However, we must learn at the youngest age possible, that we must take exceptional care of our skin if we want to look our best, even in late adult life.
Address: Winter Park, FL, 32789    
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Website: Color You, L.L.C.
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 Color You Airbrush Tanning Studio is one of the finest in Florida. This brand new facility was designed solely for airbrush tanning providing an elegant and friendly environment where you could easily relax. "I`m very impressed, perhaps the best setup for airbrush tanning, that I`ve seen so far..." said Amy O`Connor, an instructor, who conducts training for airbrush technicians around the state. While brief and frequent exposure to sunlight is beneficial, extended hours of sunbathing and regular use of a tanning bed accelerate aging. There`s no need to risk developing wrinkles, age spots (hyper pigmentation), sagging (loss of skin elasticity) or skin cancer for that amazing tan anymore.  
 Airbrush tanning is the safest tan available with absolutely no exposure to harmful UV rays. No more choosing between having a great tan or staying out of the sun`s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Now we can accomplish both. We can now avoid overexposure to destructive UV rays emitted by the Sun and all sorts of tanning beds by choosing airbrush tans.  
 The airbrush is a precision instrument that allows for a smooth, flawless application. Using airbrushes, our tans gently settle on the skin using nothing but wholesome, natural ingredients (Aloe Vera gel and sugar cane derivatives). The tanning solution contains DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone, which is a colorless sugar that has been FDA approved for more than 30 years.  
 DHA interacts with the amino acids in dead surface cells found in the outermost layer of the skin, producing a color change. As these dead skin cells naturally fall off, the color of your tan fades, just like a natural tan. DHA is not absorbed by the body and therefore poses no danger of toxicity. Gone forever are the days of the streaky, orange fake tan. New airbrush tanning solutions look as natural as if we had just returned from a Caribbean vacation, but without the harmful effects from the sun. The tanning solution is sprayed on your skin by a skillful technician and lasts for up to 10 days for a beautiful, healthy looking tan.  
 Airbrush Tanning further enhances our skin’s splendor by encouraging us to exfoliate and moisturize frequently and to use a nourishing body milk to prepare our skin for the best possible results and prolong our golden tan.

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950 Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL, 32789

Website: Color You, L.L.C.  fun and sexy - get the most attractive look tanning has to offer

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