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Lotus Blossom Feng Shui Designs Inc.

 Debbie Roddy, Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner in Southwest Florida, Custom Feng Shui Consultations for Homes, Businesses & New Construction. Creating comfortable balanced environments for Better Health, Improved Relationships, Increased Prosperity. Debbie conducts workshops and serves as a speaker for both professional organizations and community groups. She also donates her Feng Shui services to non-profit organizations.
Address: Marco Island, FL, 34146    
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Website: Lotus Blossom Feng Shui
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 Debbie Roddy has been successfully practicing Feng Shui with homes, businesses and new construction for more than five years. Debbie is a graduate of the Feng Shui Institute of America, a professional organization committed to establishing standards of excellence and training professionals in the person/place connection. She is on the faculty of Feng Shui Institute of America and a Board member of Feng Shui Institute International. Debbie studied under Feng Shui Master Nancilee Wydra, the most published American author of Feng Shui. She has also studied under Sarah Rossbach in the Black Hat sect of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.  
 Debbie is an active member of two professional Feng Shui organizations - Feng Shui Institute International and the International Feng Shui Guild.  
 What is Feng Shui?  
 Feng Shui (pronounced "Fung Shway") is Chinese for "wind" and "water", which are two vital ingredients for life. It has been practiced for centuries to design environments that can enhance conditions for success in life. Feng Shui is the study of interactions between person and place.  
 Debbie, a certified Feng Shui consultant and practitioner, specializes in the Pyramid School of Feng Shui, a western culture version, that offers a practical approach to enhancing the environments of homes, businesses and landscaping in Southwest Florida. The Pyramid School of Feng Shui is based on scientific research from related fields of study (such as architecture, biology, cultural anthropology, environmental health, physics and psychology) to explain how people filter information and how their physical environment can either support or thwart a person in achieving their dreams and desires.  
 The focus is on the person rather than the space. As a result, Debbie Roddy, FSII, provides custom Feng Shui consultations in southwest Florida to help people achieve their goals, including better health, improved relationships and increased prosperity.  
 "The reality of the building consisted not of the four walls and the roof but of the space within." - Lao Tzu, ancient philospher

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Address and Phone Number
P.O. Box 921 Marco Island, FL, 34146

Website: Lotus Blossom Feng Shui  Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner in Southwest Florida.


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