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Anthony Engineering & Technologies

 Anthony Engineering & Technologies (AET) is a product design and development consulting firm in South Florida with expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial design, manufacturing systems , and prototyping. We have experience with consumer, industrial, office, and medical products. We strive to execute the design intent of a new product without compromising the conceptual design vision, the engineering design, the manufacturability, or the product cost targets.
Address: Coral Springs, FL, 33065    
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Website: Anthony Engineering
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 AET has extensive experience taking new products from the initial concept to successful production. Our expertise includes high-level project management experience including the management of large project teams. We have expertise with a wide variety of design software programs including Pro/engineer, SolidWorks, Illustrator, Photoshop, and AutoCad. At AET, we have experience with both low and high volume manufacturing processes such as injection molding, machining, casting, rotational molding, stamping, welding, insert molding, over-molding, and automated assembly. Our portfolio represents a partial list of recent projects.  
 In addition, we have expertise with brainstorming, marketing, rapid prototyping; engineering testing, problem solving, market research, engineering analysis, conceptualization, and patent registration. AET has been granted dozens of US design and engineering patents, and we have several more patent applications in process. If you have a design idea or a new product development project that requires a talented team to bring it to market successfully, AET is your solution.  
 Product Design and Development  
 Using this process we engineer, then design and build working models of your idea using our very advanced engineering design software. Our Engineering and Product Development environment is an interactive 3D visual environment that allows you to see the development of your product in a computer as a maneuverable 3D model that could be colored, assembled, moved and tweaked to your liking. You are intimately involved in the actual engineering of your product without once reading a complicated drawing.  
 Patent Development & Registration  
 Our patent development program offers the Inventor a structured implementation to capture and protect the invention using our expertise in patents search, evaluation, and registration process. It involves educating the inventor in the key elements necessary to patent the invention by providing a patent strategy statement, which describes the intended goals and definitions of the invention. A summary or FAQ on basic patent law questions such as patentability, technology, foreign patents, duty of disclosure, and inventorship is provided to ensure the inventor understands the basics of the patent process.

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Address and Phone Number
10189 West Sample Rd. Coral Springs, FL, 33065

Website: Anthony Engineering  Product design and development engineering company for consumer, medical and industrial products.


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