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FELC Tutors

FELC Tutors provides your child with free, customized tutoring that is individualized to your child’s specific needs. We help identify the skills/concepts that your child needs improvement in, and then work with them to create an individualized learning plan towards success.Our free, after-school tutoring breaks down barriers to learning – building skills and confidence at the same time.
Address: Miami Lakes, FL, 33016    
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FELC Tutors provides Supplemental Educational Services (SES) – tutoring that is federally–funded and designed to complement the existing curriculum. FELC Tutors was established in 2003 as a Florida-based corporation, with the mission of providing high-quality tutoring for all students, including students from low-income families, because extra academic help should not just be for those who can afford it. The company’s founders and management are experienced educators and former education administrators, with extensive curriculum knowledge and expertise in pedagogy.
Whether it’s reading, math, science or writing... a clear path to one student might seem like a barrier to another. Lessons that seem loud and clear to some, might seem muddy and distorted to others. Beyond the Bell Learning Centers (a sister company to FELC), offers private tutoring in an intimate, relaxed setting. It’s not easy to balance social activities, homework time, athletics, and dance class. As it is, kids spend 35 hours or more per week at school, and sometimes all they need is a different environment to learn in.
At Beyond the Bell Learning Centers, we make learning and success an “extracurricular” activity! FELC has, since its inception, provided services for dozens of schools and institutions. We currently have over 1,000 teachers providing services within Florida, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Illinois. All FELC Tutors are state-certified teachers with a track record of effectiveness in the classroom. Moreover, all FELC Tutors have cleared background checks and are fully compliant with the Jessica Lunsford Act. All of FELC’s tutors are district employees.
Some administrators choose to bring in key people from their own staff. Others believe that having outside tutors, unaffiliated with the school, relaxes students and makes it easier for them to talk about what they’re not getting from the lesson. Both work, and we’ll help you to create the right formula for your students and staff.

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14160 Palmetto Frontage Road Suite 11, Miami Lakes, FL, 33016

Website: FELC Tutors  

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