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Candy n Balloons

Candy n Balloons is one of Florida's leading seller here in Stuart in Martin County Florida of the world's finest Singing, custom color and custom bouquets of Foil and Latex balloons. We offer many beautiful styles for everyday and holiday occasions. We can create a wide variety of Balloon Arrangements for you to send to your friends and clients.
Address: Stuart, FL, 34997    
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Website: Candy n Balloons
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Candy n Balloons
We can make your special event, special.
Regina Steggerda is the "Balloon Designer" and an experienced QBN Decorator. She has an artistic eye and can help you to find just the right addition to your event, or gift for that special person. She can supply you with a beautiful and unique designs. We hand deliver or ship balloons for every occasion quickly. We can ship an order to order to anywhere in North America.
We at Candy n Balloons are certain that we strive to provide the best service along with some of the lowest prices on Mylar balloons, party balloons and helium balloons and accessories.  We sell only quality made balloons from high quality balloon manufacturers. As a full-service event decorating firm we try to encompass all the services that any party-giver, bride or groom, banquet manager, event planner or marketing director could want.

All of our balloons are tied on ribbons and we can include a message balloon as well as a greeting card.
Latex Party balloons are mostly made of natural latex tapped from rubber trees, and can be filled with air helium or water or any other suitable liquid or gas. The rubber's elasticity makes the volume adjustable. Filling the balloon with air can be done with the mouth, a manual or electric inflator, or with a source of compressed gas. When rubber balloons are filled with helium so that they float, they typically retain their buoyancy for only a day or so. The enclosed helium atoms escape through small pores in the latex which are larger than the helium atoms. Balloons filled with air usually hold their size and shape much longer.
Even a perfect rubber balloon eventually loses the gas to the outside. The process by which a substance or solute migrates from a region of high concentration, through a barrier or membrane, to a region of lower concentration is called diffusion. The inside of balloons can be treated with a special gel (for instance, the polymer solution sold under the "Hi Float" brand) which coats the inside of the balloon to reduce the helium leakage, thus increasing float time to a week or longer.   
Events. The event world is always expanding and there is so much that goes into a special event whether it’s a wedding, corporate affair, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a celebration of any kind. Candy n Balloons offers many services, including balloon imprinting, double stuffing balloons, balloons inside other balloons, exploding balloons, arches, columns, centerpieces, balloon drops/releases confetti cannons and more.  Custom projects are our specialty. A Singing Balloon makes everyone smile, just click on a balloon and it will sing for you.

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6526 S. Kanner Hwy. #104 Stuart, FL, 34997

Website: Candy n Balloons  Candy n Balloons is one of Florida`s leading seller of the world`s finest Singing, custom color and custom bouquets of Foil and Latex balloons.

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