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Brent`S Music

 We are proud to be the exclusive dealer for all of Southwest Florida, representing the best and most sought after pieces in the Mesa Boogie family, from the F-series combos, to the Rectifiers, to the Lonestars, and everything in between. And, in bass products, we have their incomparable speaker cabs, coupled with their awesome series of powered heads. There are no better guitar or bass amplifiers in the world. You know you`ve arrived when you play Mesa Boogie.
Address: Fort Myers, FL, 33901    
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Website: Brent`S Music
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 Come into our shop and see what we offer!
 Whether you`re a club DJ, mobile DJ, or a party DJ; Brent`s Music is your one-stop source for all of your DJ needs! Let our expert DJ staff put their 10+ years of DJing experience to work for you! Come on in, and check out our wide variety of turntables, CD players, mixers, headphones, needles, cases, coffins, amps, speakers, and accessories.  
 Korg has always taken a position of leadership – from their early days making analog synthesizers, through their pioneering of the workstation concept, into their state-of-the-art modeling/DSP synthesis and effects developments, their innovations in digital recording, and their implementation of the ground-breaking karma technology. Oasys brings together over 40 years of refined innovation in making the finest and most intuitive and musical instruments in the world.  
 Korg designed oasys to provide a full set of audio production tools to the demanding musician, and to reflect the changing nature of today`s music making process. Oasys brings together advanced midi sequencing, 16-track audio HD recording, a flexible midi control surface, a CD burner, studio quality effects processing, second-generation karma technology, along with the world’s most powerful synthesizer into one single, elegant instrument.  
 Oasys is not only an entirely new instrument, but a completely new platform to support Korg innovation for years to come. Powered by an ultra fast computer processor, and running newly-developed proprietary software atop Linux underpinnings, oasys offers all the benefits of a variable software system, backed by a dedicated operating system and the hardware integrity that can only come from a fully-integrated instrument design. New synthesis methods for creating sound (EXi Expansion Instruments), new effects (EXf Expansion Effects), and additional ROM libraries (EXs Expansion Sample Libraries) can be added, ensuring that Oasys will remain the centerpiece of your musical world well into the future.  
 For technology to be beneficial, it must remain accessible. Highlighted by a 10.4” color Touchview display, the front panel features a vast array of assignable control elements – pads, sliders, joysticks, knobs, ribbon, etc… all designed to provide effortless fingertip control. And while Oasys is a world unto itself, it can still play nice with others. The back panel offers a wealth of analog and digital inputs and outputs, including USB 2.0.

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1936 Courtney Drive Fort Myers, FL, 33901

Website: Brent`S Music  Brent`S Music is proud to announce that we will now be your local dealer for RME.

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