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Colonial Shoe Store

 With 3 generations involved in the business of the prefect fit, the Tsagaris family knows a thing or two about shoes, it all started when owner Barbie Tsagaris`s grandfather came to the US from Greece, and started a shoe repair business in the lobby of the Colonial Hotel. Steve, Barbie`s father, introduced fine men`s shoes to the repair business, and the family has been selling shoes ever since.
Address: Largo, FL, 33770    
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Website: Colonial Shoe Store
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 The hallmark of a Colonial Shoe Store experience is a throw back to an era when the attention to quality, fit and customer service would make or break a business. In a business segment dominated by "Mega Retailers" we invite you to experience - just once - the luxury of an old world shoe purchase experience.  
 Your foot measures in 2 dimensions -  length and width. It could be your foot isn`t really a 9/12 D - but really an 11 1/2 AA - the difference - they`ll both fit - but one shoe - you could wear all day comfortably. Proper fit determines  how you feel in your shoes, and how you feel at the end of the day. Your entire body rate lands on your foot, and your shoes, day in day out for years - proper fit brings  comfort and even health. It is incredibly easy for a quickly trained store clerk to use a foot measuring device, and come up with an entirely wrong size. Watch a master craftsman wield a measuring device creating furniture - and then a weekend warrior with a tape measure - you already know the difference. Your shoes will fit better than you have ever experienced once your feet have been properly sized by Steve or Barbie.  
 Over 80 years ago - Barbie`s grandfather made these shoes. They are beautiful 11 AAA shoes, and hang quietly on the back wall, on the way to the workshop.  They could have been made yesterday.   Style is Timeless.  Fashion comes and goes - STYLE is timeless.  Steve`s father, then Steve, and now his daughter Barbie, bring to the Largo Florida area a depth of understanding of men`s style.  The  Tsagaris family has sought out the highest quality shoes.  The highest quality will not stand the test of time if they don`t also stand the timeless test of style.  View our brands we represent to our valued customers, and discover a pedigree`s and dedication to men`s style going back, like ours, to the turn of the last century and beyond.  Even the name Tsagaris, is Helenic for "shoe maker"  
 Look down at your shoes - notice the scuff from the accelerator pedal?  The sole wearing a bit thin?  Perhaps your shoes are a bit snug (in which case you probably didn`t get them from us).  Craftsmanship involves skill, long learned, time honored skill.  It also requires tools - intimate working knowledge of the tools of the trade.  To the right, you see Steve  Tsagaris in his Father`s Shoe Store, back in  1951.  Note the Shoe Refinishing Machine he`s working on.  It`s the same one that today is used every day to ensure that our customers shoes continue to look and feel terrific year after year.  Come on in, and shake Steve`s hand - but be careful - odds are, even today - he`ll have polish on those hands practicing his trade - and passing it on to his daughter.

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924 West Bay Drive Largo, FL, 33770

Website: Colonial Shoe Store  Come to us and you will see why you should trust Colonial

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