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Carrollwood Optical

 We are pleased to welcome you to our practice - our commitment is not just in meeting your expectations, but in exceeding them! We know how much your eye health and appearance can mean to the quality of your life, and we are committed to excellence in servicing your complete eye care needs. Our optometry practice is a place where ethical care and patient satisfaction are the foremost mission.
Address: Tampa, FL, 33618    
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Website: Carrollwood Optical
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 Carrollwood Optical carries a wide variety of eyewear. We have many different frames and lens styles to choose from.  
 Lens Materials:  
 Carbon Resin (Plastic)  
 High index lenses  
 Polycarbonate lenses  
 Lens Designs:  
 Computer: Computer lenses use special designs and filters to relieve the eye fatigue, redness and discomfort associated with prolonged computer use. Unlike conventional readers that work only at near, these lenses allow for clear vision at intermediate and near distances.  
 Flat Top Bifocal / Trifocal: Bifocal lenses are available with the near portion made in a variety of widths to aid in various close-up visual demands. Trifocal lenses add a segment to provide clear vision at arm`s length, that intermediate distance that is often blurred for bifocal wearer`s.  
 Sport: Sport lenses offer designs to meet the special, visual needs of sports enthusiasts. Many professional athletes use particular color tints, light filters and materials to enhance their vision and performance. Polycarbonate is the material of choice for active sports.  
 Aspheric: Aspheric lenses provide improved visual and cosmetic benefits in single vision and progressive designs. These lenses increase edge-to-edge clarity and flatter, thinner and lighter conventional lenses. This eliminates the "bulgy", magnified appearance of far-sighted prescriptions and the "small eyes", minified look of near-sighted corrections.  
 Polarized: Polarized lenses are an exciting sunglass option that eliminates the glare reflected off the surface of objects. They are especially appropriate on or around the water and recommended for driving, fishing, hunting and all types of outdoor activities.  
 Ultraviolet filter: Special treatment is available for carbon resin lenses to completely absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays found in light. High index, photochromic and polycarbonate lens materials automatically provide ultraviolet protection at no extra cost.

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Address and Phone Number
12781 Dale mabry Highway N. Tampa, FL, 33618

Website: Carrollwood Optical  The Latest In Light Weight Lenses And Frames, Progressives, Large Selection Of Frames, Prescriptions Filled

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